media clippings featuring bird millinery and concept art

Welcome to Bird Millinery,

Bird Millinery, established in 2004 by Stephanie-Anne Booth, is a modern take on the venerable art of hat-making. Having studied with some of Australia's millinery greats, Stephanie-Anne's designs are both bold and romantic; contemporary in style, yet evoking vintage sentiments.

The two lines, "Spring Racing" and "Casual", are intended to engender a love of millinery in a younger generation. As a young Melbournian herself, Stephanie-Anne offers an insider's take on the local millinery milieu. Whilst the Racing catalogue contains more traditional stock, the Casual line offers hats to suit the Melbourne winter. Both lines contain artful use of vintage fabrics and one-off designs; these pieces offer respite from the usual urban sea of grey and black

The galleries on this site are indicative of the range and variety that Bird Millinery offers. With a focus on tailored designs, one-on-one consultation and a genuine love for the art of millinery, a Bird Millinery creation combines contemporary style with classical structures.

Pieces can be designed and produced to suit every style and occasion, from weddings to race days and everything inbetween!

Please feel free to contact for any price inquiries.

Kind regards,

Stephanie-anne Booth